Twilight Carnival

Twilight Carnival was a Facebook game wherein the player could build their own kick-butt carnival! I explicitly worked on the UI and UX.

Twilight Carnival was a game that Arkadium made for Facebook (it has been since shelved).  My role on this project was as the UI artist - basically I wireframed all the UI and created the art for it.
For me it was a great big step outside of my comfort zone - and I LOVED IT!
The Letter
This popup occurs early in the game - it fills the player in on the story.
Quest Popup
This is the quest popup, it appears when the player clicks on a quest.  The player is then presented with the quest-giver's image and copy, then a list of what is needed to complete the quest.
Out of Tokens
This popup appears, in case you haven't guessed it, when the player runs out the money!
Stage Selection
This popup appears when the player interacts with a game.  In this popup the user can select various stages and upgrade their game stand.
Upgrade Game
This popup is displayed when the user chooses to upgrade their game booth.
Help Wanted, Apply Within
This is a popup that appears when the player is prompted to hire a staff for their attractions.
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