getting to know me... getting to know all about me...

Hello!  My name is Chris Walsh.  I currently reside (with my family and xbox) in the suburbs of Philadelphia. 

I have a long track record of creating exciting, engaging and entertaining solutions across all forms of media. I have taken my life-long love for solving logic problems and have applied it to the ui/ux field.  Just like every puzzle in those jumbo books has an answer, so does every project.  It just takes time, effort and a little creativity to work it out.

My main area of focus has been UI and UX design - the entire process!  I have been in meeting with stakeholders -- created documentation -- wireframed concepts -- prototyped interfaces -- delivered assets to developers -- tested the output -- reviewed with customers and team members -- analyzed the data... I do it all!

Other things to note...  I began my career as a game designer with a love for 2D and 3D design.  I have worked on dozens of casual games that are still played around the world.  I have also managed teams of artists, in-house and around the world.  I know how to get things done on my own and with a team.

I would love the opportunity to learn more about your project(s) and work on them together!  Let me take my years of experience and put it to work for you!