Tiny Soldiers / Mega War is a game that can be found in the App Store on any iOS device.
 Basically this is a top down shmup where you either blow up the enemy or get out of their way!
 I was tasked with re-skinning the in-game assets.    I had to create the environment ( a tileable background), 5 heroes and 5 enemy characters and a title/loading page.
 Just for the record: The game design, and UI, is not something I created
 I made this all in Photoshop! Enjoy!!
This is the initial pass at the tier 1 hero (left) and tier 2 hero (right).
These are the next 2 tiers of heroes - a biker and jeep.
This big daddy is the top tier hero - a TANK! BOOM BABY BOOM!
So once the heroes were made I had to create enemies.  So i took the heroes and re-skinned them a new color palette -- and made some weapon edits.  All in all, it was a quick turn-around on assets :)
So these are the 5 tiers of enemies, obviously a clear 1-to-1 with their hero counterparts ... BUT PURPLE!!
I also had to create this helicopter boss dude! Pretty cool, if you ask me -- and yes I am a bit biased - lol
Next up was the loading screen... I had initially done a screen with some military photo manipulations but then decided to do something cooler and this was the result..
and then on to the icons... 
Firat Pass at the icon - just a simple idea with simpler shape blocking.... but it needed more detail...
v2 - more detail and a cooler star burst
v3 - same dude but more in-line with the colors of similar apps.
v4a - more of a focus on the BIG GUN!
v4b - more of a focus on the BIG GUN!
v5 - client wanted a more 1-to-1 approach on popular icons out there...
v6 - the final version
So that wraps it up.. there were other random buttons and screens but these were the MAIN EVENTS.
Hope you enjoyed it. =)
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