Hands down this project taught me so much about social game development, marketing and analytics.  Solitaire Heaven is a medley of solitaire games that people can play on Facebook.
This game had it all 5 games, leaderboards, challenges, and boosts.
The Game Menu
Klondike Solitaire
This is an example of the Klondike Solitaire game.  Very simple and quick to load :)
Boosts and  Leaderboard
So for each of the 5 solitaire games there are boost - basically ways to improve your chances of scoring high in the game.  There are also leaderboards to keep track of your score and how much you are beating your dad's uncle's sisters kid's dog..
The Store
In each game/during game play there is a drop-down store wherein the player can purchases boosts.
Stats Page
So for each of the players there is a stats page wherein the player can see how well they have been doing in thei games.
So that was the final look of the facebook game, but that didn't happen overnight - it took many iterations.  Along the way game features came and went - and here they are...
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