During my tenure at SeaChange there was a lot of talk about making new games for their GameNow system.  Basically play games either over a network or through a set-top box.  I do not think, as of this post, that any of these games were actually set free unto humanity, but rather demonstrations as to how awesome GameNow could/should be!
Cybersurf - a space adventure game wherein the user would press left, or right, on their remote and dodge enemies and space debris.
This big guy is an enemy that our hero faces along their journey!
Our hero - sleek slick and only 94 faces! :)
Checkers - This game was one part hi-res background and 4-bit game piece overlay... oh the challenges to make it look seamless.
Chess - Just like Checkers I had to make a cool looking background and manage to make detailed chess pieces using only 16 colors.
Texas Hold'em
Pinnacle - Ever want to climb a mountain and play Hangman, well look no further.
Check out the video here: https://vimeo.com/36785243
Video Poker
Memory Mentor - a game of concentration wih cool looking gems and gradients!
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