So what is HDX, Chris? Well friend, HDX is a division within Hanson Design.  It's focus is all about making games, apps and experiences.  You know... cool things! :)
The first image is the (almost) final product, the rest of the images are all the fun iterations I went through... Enjoy!
HDX - The Final(ish) Site.
First Pass...  The basic layout is a title, sub-links, an info box and some visuals for the 3 offerings.
Second Pass... I focused more on the 3 offerings at the bottom.  I decided to drop the title below and make them look more like polaroids.
Third Pass... In this iteration I decided to give the site some breathing room - so i dropped the left and right edges and extended the information area.
Fourth Pass... And in this final (before the final) iteration I decided to go in a very different direction BUT keep the structure.
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