I spent some time at Coastal Amusements as a Contract Game Artist, that dabbled in Game Design too.  Below is a collection of games that I created for them.  Honestly I am not sure if they ever made it onto their coin-op devices, but it doesn't matter because I have the screens to show them here, to you, my best friend! :)
Coastal asked me to make a character to base a few action games around.  They wanted some thing like Magilla Gorilla (go google him, ill wait....) and this was the result.  I made him in 3dsMax.
First off was Gopher Golf - it's your basic YetiGames or Kitty Cannon type game wherein the Gorilla hits the Gopher.
The second action game was Bowling..  The gorilla was the bowler and that poor old gopher was to be the pins.  I even created a pinsetter with suction cups - lol.  No gophers were harmed in the making of this design.
..and last we have Gopher Curling.
Texas Hold'em
and lastly - i designed the UI for their coin-op game, Sea Wolf.
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