So my very good friends at ATECH GAMING asked me to work on some logo concepts.
This is what I came up with.  Let's take a journey through logo creation...

This first image is (i think) the final one they decided to go with.  From jump they wanted something that SCREAMED gaming but was simple that anyone would 'get it'.
The following batch of concepts were just that broad concepts... but if you look carefully you will see the evolution (or rather de-evolution, since this goes backward).
At this point in the logo design I was only focusing on the lettering.  The running theme was simple and game-y.
and first but last in this flow is the sketches... where all great ideas come from... ah man there were so many fun ideas sketched out.  There were a few i went off on doodle tangents with but ultimately they really liked 20 & 21 ... 
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