This is a collection of casual games that I made during my tenure at Arkadium.  
Eggz/Eggz Blast (re-skin)
The game Eggz is you basic Bubble Bobble type experience - aim something at other things and they clear out.  What I wanted to do was make the game visually fun and modern. So i decided to make some vibrantly colored eggs and everything was painted in Photoshop.
One of Arkadium's popular games is a Bejeweled-type game called Treasure Hunt (click here).  It has a simpple underwater theme.  I was tasked with giving it a new look and modern style.  So i developed new game pieces and inserted a fun little character (a hamster is a bubble).  This game was never released but it still remains one of my favorite projects!
Sushi Blast Eggz (yet another Eggz re-skin)
So I think I did 5 or 6 different realizations of the game Eggz (and AD'd 2 others - lol) during my time at Arkadium, which was always a fun challenge. For this one I decided to make the theme - 'Sushi'!  All of the elements came together well and it was a decent success!
If you want to play it you can click below - but you need to be a member, it was an attempt at monetizing content & themes.
Metro Match was always a big earner for Arkadium, mostly due to it's varying content and simplicity.  So this time around I, and a super talented developer named Tom, was tasked with re-making the classic game of concentration.  What you see here is a collection of game assets but the real fun was in how we made the levels and matches.  We decided to forego the simple match similar images and get more tricky.  Like matching questions with answers or matching similar sporting equipment.  All in all it was a great experience!
Bridge (AKA The game i never knew how to play but still made the art for)
Ah Bridge, my old friend that I never really understood.  Simple enough - I was tasked with creating a cool/new look for an old game.  The result was well-received but please don't ever ask to see the tally/scoring screens - lol
Powershot Tennis
One of my first games at Arkadium - I was tasked with creating a game similar to the one that was on the Megatouch machines - Tennis Ace (note: even though i worked on Megatouch games I never actually made that game).  Everything was made in 3D (using 3dsMax).  The characters animated and it really felt like the game had some depth.
Pool - Never released
Arkadium had a pool game (click here) that they wanted to update the look for.  So I took some time to re-color/light the table and modify/simplify the UI.  Unfortunately it never got to see the light of day :( #sadpanda
Score is a really fun music-creating match-3 game.  The idea was simple - clear out boxes that unlock notes in a song and when you have unlocked them all the game was over!  It did however go through many iterations until it was finally released.  All in all, I was very happy with where it ended up and it still is a ffun game to play.
Solitario (Spider Solitaire)
This was a fun re-skin of our successful Spider Solitaire game.  Nothing else to really say - it's just solitaire, lol.  :)
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