These are game assets I created for a client.  The client wanted to make a game similar to 'Flow'.  The plan was pretty simple, make 7 different pieces (with a respect for UX issues).  Make a tile-able background and connectors.
The result was a pretty colorful game - which is still in production as of this posting.
I also had to create the assets for the icon and the Google Play store.  Enjoy!
This is the banner image that is to be displayed in the Google Play Store.
Game Piece - Take 1... this was my first pass at the game pieces, and even though the client liked them - i had to return to the 'game piece' drafting table.
So once again I decided to go with vibrant colors and differing patterns.  I think the final effect of it was cool, and may be used in a future project.
Game Piece - Take 2... So here i decided to go VERY simpla, but there was no real answer for colorblind users, so I scrapped it and moved on to the last and final set.
Game Pieces - FINAL! ...  So after talking with the client, we both felt it was best to create a square shape with interesting differentiators.  So I kept with the vibrant colors, cool highlight and added shapes inot the squares.
This covered all the bases and was ultimately approved.
Tiles and Connectors...This is an example of 2 purple star pieces connecting.  In it I am showing the corner and straight connector pieces and a background tile.
Here is an example of the menu screen - logo, button style and sub-button styles for settings, leaderboard and help.
This is the game icon - I might seem a bit too simple at this scale but when its at 78x78 it's pretty freaking cool! :)
That just about covers this project.  I hope you enjoyed it!
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