Bubble Shooter is an Android game currently available in the Google Play Store (click here).  
I was tasked with creating all of the in-game graphics.  The client wanted something very simple, and colorful, that would appeal to all demographics.  A few days later Bubble Shooter was re-born!
This graphic was created for the Google Play store page.  This is more of a marketing/sales piece.
Icons, Icons, Icons!!  I love them so much yet they bring me so much frustration! lol.  This final icon set was, i believe, the 3rd or 4th pass.  The problem, initially, was that the larger version of the icon would look great but once it scaled down it would lose it's awesome-ness.  So I had to re-think the visual and what I ended up with is pretty damned cool - IMHO
Here are the 8 game pieces - the heart of the game. Keeping in line with the client's wish to keep things colorful and simple - i focused on vibrant circles with simple variations to account for any UX issues (specifically colorblind users).
Background 1 - The is the happy happy daytime background!  My idea was to create a fun/welcoming background that would compliment the game pieces.
Background 2 - There originally wasn't a need for a 2nd background but during the design phase I decided to get a bit "creative".  So in this game, after a few bad moves the balls are pushed down closer to the shooter.  My crazy idea was to have this background slowly replace the daytime background. After a few conversations, this was not the most prudnet course of action so we decided to keep it as an alternate background.
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